“ Come down the Rabbit Hole with me and explore how to Nourish your body, Nurture your soul and love the life you Live



Come down The Rabbit Hole with me and I will show you how to nourish your body, nurture your soul and learn how to love the life you live by making simple changes one step at a time. Explore what it is that makes you feel your best. My ideas on living well are pretty simple…..just eat real food and calm the bleep down! Life is pretty damn hectic these days, I know that, and many of you think you don’t have time to de-stress and that getting back in the kitchen to cook from scratch is only going to make things worse. Being stressed and sick costs you money and time so let me show you how easy it can be through workshops, information and recipes. When you eat to nourish yourself, your body responds in kind. You will have more energy, better moods, better sleep and a stronger immune system to help you live an awesome long life.

Since my late teens, I have suffered with all sorts of aches and pains and constantly feeling tired and worn out. I just figured it was part of being a nurse, shift worker and then becoming a mother. Through changing what I eat and making time to look after myself I have managed to get rid of all of those symptoms. I began eliminating certain foods for a period of time then reintroduced them slowly. I could see how my body reacted to them and now when something creeps back on my plate the symptoms return. I don’t need to reach for the painkillers anymore, I look at how I’ve been treating my body and change it. As a Registered Nurse and Nutrition and Lifestyle Educator, I use my professional knowledge, research and experience to help guide you to living a life you love.



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